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Re: [Xen-devel] Q77 IGD instantly crashes on xen-pciback bind.

On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 02:57:14PM -0600, Dr. Greg Wettstein wrote:
> Hi, hope the week is ending well for everyone.
> As readers of the list may remember we've kept the ATI primary adapter
> passthrough patches current for qemu-traditional on Xen for a number
> of years.  Our 'run-passthrough' utility for binding/unbind devices
> and running a Windows guest with passthrough have enjoyed a tidy
> number of downloads through the years as well.
> We are taking on a passthrough project and in the process upgrading
> our infrastructure to 4.4.x.  We also need to take on the issue of
> passing Intel IGD adapters through to a windows guest.  We are
> currently working on an Intel Q77 (DQ77KB) board in preparation for
> moving to Q87 boards.
> The Intel display adapter is showing up as the standard 00:02.0 PCI
> device and things go south pretty quickly.  We create a slot for the
> device on the pciback driver and as soon as we bind the device the
> machine goes out like a light, no logs or diagnostics, just instantly
> stone dead.

This might be a stupid question, but here goes anyway:
Do you have serial console set up? And all the debug/verbose options specified 
for Xen and Linux? 


-- Pasi

> This issue is invariant over pciback in vpci or passthrough modes.  It
> also occurs instantly when the pciback assignment is made with 'xl
> pci-assignable-add'.
> We will throw a '#define DEBUG 1' in the top of all the xen-pciback
> driver code and see if we can get more information out of it.  I just
> wanted to get this in front of the list in case this is a well known
> issue or we are headed into other problems we should know about.
> I'm assuming that qemu-traditional will handle an IGD primary
> passthrough.  If any of the Intel guys are reading this give me a
> shout with some directions/advice if we need to roll up our sleeves
> and modify the device emulator.
> At least it is an "Outlaw Josey Whales bug', not hard to track, leaves
> dead machines wherever it goes... :-)
> Best wishes for a pleasant weekend to everyone.
> Greg
> As always,
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