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Re: [Xen-devel] Regression, host crash with 4.5rc1

>>> On 28.11.14 at 09:24, <sflist@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> And with 6 errata
>> documented it's not all that unlikely that there's a 7th one with
>> MONITOR/MWAIT behavior. The commit you bisected to (and
>> which you had verified to be the culprit by just forcing
>> arch_skip_send_event_check() to always return false) could be
>> reasonably assumed to be broken only when MWAIT use for all
>> C states didn't work.
> Now I did get a hang with max_cstate=3 and mwait-idle=0.

According to the data you provided earlier, max_cstate=3 is
identical to not using that option at all when you also use
mwait-idle=0. It would make a difference only when not using
that latter option (and I specifically pointed this out in earlier

> May I assume 
> that mwait-idle=0 means that ACPI is responsible for the throttling?

ACPI is providing the data to do C state management in that case,
but it's still Xen doing things.


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