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Re: [Xen-devel] [v3] libxc: Expose the 1GB pages cpuid flag to guest

>> -        if (!hvm_pse1gb_supported(d))
>> +        if (!hvm_pse1gb_supported(d) || paging_mode_shadow(d))
>>              *edx &= ~cpufeat_mask(X86_FEATURE_PAGE1GB);
>#define hvm_pse1gb_supported(d) \
>    (cpu_has_page1gb && paging_mode_hap(d))

>the change above is pointless. While, considering this, comments on
>v2 may have been misleading, you should have simply updated the patch 
>description instead to clarify why the v2 change was okay even for the shadow 
>mode case.

I checked the code and found that for a normal guest can only be in hap mode or 
shadow mode before I sending the patch, but I am not share if it's true for 


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