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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 20/21] libxlu: introduce new APIs

Wei Liu writes ("[PATCH v4 20/21] libxlu: introduce new APIs"):
> These APIs can be used to manipulate XLU_ConfigValue and XLU_ConfigList.
> +const char *xlu_cfg_value_get_string(const XLU_ConfigValue *value)
> +{
> +    assert(value->type == XLU_STRING);
> +    return value->u.string;
> +}

Most of the existing xlu_cfg_... functions return null (or -1) setting
EINVAL if the type of the supplied config item is not correct.

But these new functions are not really suitable for use directly
because they crash on incorrect configuration input.

Wouldn't it be better if these functions had calling conventions
similar to xlu_cfg_get_string et al (returning errno values, taking
dont_warn, etc.) ?


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