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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 08/24] xen/arm: Allow virq != irq

On Tue, 2015-01-13 at 14:25 +0000, Julien Grall wrote:
> Actually Xen is assuming that the virtual IRQ will always be the same as IRQ.


> Modify route_guest_irq to take the virtual IRQ in parameter and let Xen
> assign a different IRQ number.

I think I must be misunderstanding this, but if route_guest_irq is
taking the vIRQ as a parameter then why does it then need to assign a
different IRQ number?

Oh, did you mean allowing the *caller* to setup a non-1:1 mapping
perhaps? I think s/and let Xen assign/which allows Xen to.../ might be
closer to that meaning if that's the intention?

>  Also store the vIRQ in the desc action to
> easily retrieve easily the IRQ target when we need to inject the interrupt.

-ETooManyEasilys ;-)

(I think you want to drop the second one)

> As DOM0 will get most the devices, the vIRQ is equal to the IRQ in that case.

Am I correct that after this patch all callers still pass irq==virq to
the new function?

> At the same time modify the behavior of irq_get_domain. The function now
> assumes that the irq_desc belongs to an IRQ assigned to a guest.


>      action = xmalloc(struct irqaction);
> -    if (!action)
> +    if ( !action )
> +        return -ENOMEM;
> +
> +    info = xmalloc(struct irq_guest);

FWIW you might (subject to sizing/alignment needs) be able to do
        action = _xmalloc(sizeof(struct irqaction) + sizeof(struct irq_guest);
        info = (sturct irq_guest *)(action + 1);

which would save some memory overhead for free pointers etc and allow
you to avoid manually managing the info.

You probably won't like that though, so feel free to ignore.


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