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[Xen-devel] [ANNOUNCE] Project Raisin

Hi all,

A few weeks ago I started hacking on a new project, consisting in a set
of bash scripts to build xen-unstable and a few other useful elements.
It is still in very early stages.

The name of the new project is "Raisin", from Raise Xen, pun intended
It is a bit like DevStack[1] for Xen: its purpose is to simply and
quickly retrieve and build Xen and any other related components from
source, such as Libvirt and Grub2. Optionally it can install and
configure the system for you. In the future it could also build and
configure stub domains and driver domains. Another important goal of the
project is to effectively act as a working guideline on how to setup a
Xen system, so it is important that the code is easy to read and
understand. See the README for more information.

With the introduction of Raisin, keeping xen-unstable lightweight, clean
and well suited for distro packages is going to be easier because we
won't have to make compromises with the ease of installation from
source. Raisin is going to take care of setting up a full Xen
development environment from scratch. As an example, going forward we
can move the QEMU build from xen-unstable to Raisin, and integrate
Raisin in OSSTest.

I would like Raisin to work on as many distros as possible. At the
moment Raisin builds have been tested on Debian and Fedora.
Installations and system configurations have been tested only on Debian.

I would very much appreciate if anybody with expertise on Fedora, CentOS
and other distros could help add proper support for them.

The code is available here:


Happy Hacking!

- Stefano

[1] https://github.com/openstack-dev/devstack

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