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[Xen-devel] [OSSTEST PATCH 0/6] Urgent performance improvements

This series contains these two important performance improvements:

 1/6 cs-bisection-step: Use pbm tools, not graphicsmagick/imagemagick
 2/6 sg-report-job-history: Avoid full runvars table scan (!)

The use of `convert' seems to have suffered from a severe performance
problem which made the osstest VM so slow that we had quite a few
spurious test failures.

sg-report-job-history runs with important locks held, so that (for
example) flight construction is blocked.

I'm also bundling some improvementse to sg-report-flight's HTML
generator.  They are in 4 small patches for ease of review.

None of the patches in this series would be tested in any effective
way by the osstest self-push-gate.  Subject to acks, I therefore
intend to force push them right after the oustanding queue goes in.


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