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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v6 14/14] docs: add xl-psr.markdown

On Thu, 2015-04-23 at 17:55 +0800, Chao Peng wrote:

> +Maximum RMID and supported monitor types in the system can be obtained by:
> +
> +`xl psr-cmt-hwinfo`

I think this is now `xl psr-hwinfo --cmt` ?

> +For example, assuming a system with 8 portions and 3 domains:
> +
> + * A CBM of 0xff for every domain means each domain can access the whole 
> cache.
> +   This is the default.
> +
> + * Giving one domain a CBM of 0x0f and the other two domain's 0xf0 means that
> +   the first domain gets exclusive access to half of the cache (half of the
> +   portions) and the other two will share the other half.
> +
> +* Giving one domain a CBM of 0x0f, one 0x30 and the last 0xc0 would give the

This one is aligned differently to the other two.

> +System CAT information such as maximum COS and CBM length can be obtained by:
> +
> +`xl psr-cat-hwinfo`

`xl psr-hwinfo --cat` ?

> + * Set bits only exist in the range of [0, cbm_len), where cbm_len can be
> +   obtained with `xl psr-cat-hwinfo`.


Apart from that all looks good, thanks.


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