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[Xen-devel] 4.5.1 situation


so after yesterday's push of the 4.5 tree itself we've now got a push
on the second of the qemu trees too, but the month's worth of work
stuck in the unstable staging tree means I've already accumulated a
list of about a dozen hypervisor side backports again. Afaict none of
the requested (on the "preparing for 4.5.1" thread) tools side
backports have been done either (I didn't check how many of them
also still sit in unstable staging tree, not having passed the push
gate, which would be an obvious reason for them not having made
it into the stable tree yet).

Considering the hackathon follow-up announcement I'm now in a
conflict - on one hand a reasonably timely release of 4.5.1 would
require tagging RC1 now nevertheless (and presumably some of
the queued backports would then better be postponed until 4.5.2).
Otoh these (kind of at least) infrastructure issues could certainly
still be considered a valid excuse to delay the release.

Opinions anyone?


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