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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 3/5] xen/vm_event: Support for guest-requested events

> To answer your question, I haven't really looked closely at libxenvchan
> before, but our use case at least can't use it (we're injecting some
> code in the guest on the fly). Am I wrong in assuming libxenvchan also
> requires two PV domains talking to each other? The guests we're
> monitoring are HVM guests, and _they_ are supposed to issue the
> VMCALL-triggered events.

Libxenvchan is not PV specific AFAICT and it provides a really robust
interface to establish communication channels between domUs. It
usually is a better way to exchange lots of information instead of the
fairly limited vm_event ring page as libxenvchan can automatically
adjust the shared mem region to match the data being exchanged and do
it UDP or TCP style. I don't really see a downside in having this type
of event added, I was just wondering what the rationale is behind it


> Thanks,
> Razvan

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