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[Xen-devel] [OSSTEST PATCH 0/6] Miscellaneous infrastructure fixes

This series contains a set of changes which probably ought to be force
pushed; none of them would be properly tested by the self-push-gate.

The most important one is:
 2/5 cs-bisection-step: Detect flailing

There's also a new doc:
 1/5 README.planner: Document the resource planning

And a new script to help figure out where disk space is being used:
 3/5 Logs: Break out logs_select etc. into new
 4/5 cr-disk-report: New script
 5/5 Docs (in new Docs directory) for cr-disk-report

The results of the latter can currently be found on the new colo VM

Sadly they don't reveal anything particularly notable, and it looks
like we simply need to increase the disk dedicated to the osstest VM.

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