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Re: [Xen-devel] [OSSTEST v6 15/24] distros: add branch infrastructure

Ian Campbell writes ("[OSSTEST v6 15/24] distros: add branch infrastructure"):
> Since the distro nightlies are not version controlled we cannot use
> the usual mechanisms for detecting regressions. Special case things
> appropriately. We use an OLD_REVISION of "flight-NNN" to signify that
> the old revision is another flight and not a tree revision.

This all looks pretty good, except:

> -if grep -xF $NEW_REVISION $branch.force-rev; then push=$OSSTEST_PUSH; fi
> +if test -n "$NEW_REVISION" && grep -xF $NEW_REVISION $branch.force-rev; then 
> push=$OSSTEST_PUSH; fi

Why is it not sufficient to simply add " " around $NEW_REVISION ?


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