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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.6 Development Update (four months reminder)

On 05/13/2015 01:01 PM, wei.liu2@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
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Hi all

We are now four months into 4.6 development window. This is an email to keep
track of all the patch series I gathered. It is by no means complete and / or
acurate. Feel free to reply this email with new projects or correct my

= Timeline =

We are planning on a 9-month release cycle, but we could also release a bit
earlier if everything goes well (no blocker, no critical bug).

* Development start: 6 Jan 2015
<=== We are here ===>
* Feature Freeze: 10 Jul 2015
* RCs: TBD
* Release Date: 9 Oct 2015 (could release earlier)

The RCs and release will of course depend on stability and bugs, and
will therefore be fairly unpredictable.

Bug-fixes, if Acked-by by maintainer, can go anytime before the First
RC. Later on we will need to figure out the risk of regression/reward
to eliminate the possiblity of a bug introducing another bug.

= Prognosis =

*  COarse-grain LOck-stepping Virtual Machines in Xen (fair)
    RFC v5 posted
   -  Wen Congyang
   -  Gui Jianfeng
   -  Yang Hongyang
   -  Dong, Eddie

*  tmem migrationv2 patches. (none)
   -  Bob Liu & Andrew Cooper & David Vrabel

*  Remus using migration-v2 (fair)
    RFC posted - depends on v6 of 'New Migration'
   -  Yang Hongyang

I think this should be ok or good, I've just sent out the v3 series
of Remus migration-v2 support.

*  snapshot API extension (checkpointing disk) (fair)
   -  Chunyan Liu

*  PVH - Migration of PVH DomUs. (none)
    Depends on migration2 code
    v1 posted
   -  Roger Pau Monnï

*  PVH - Migration of guests from a PVH dom0  (fair)
    Depends on migration2 code
   -  Roger Pau Monnï

== QEMU ==

*  Linux-based QEMU upstream stub domain (fair)
    RFC posted
   -  Eric Shelton

*  Using qemu-upstream in a stubdomain (none)
    Will use rump kernels.
   -  Wei Liu

*  Intel IGD PCI GPU passthrough (ok)
    v5 posted
   -  Chen, Tiejun

== Linux ==

*  Linux ARM - Device assigment (PCI) (none)
    Depends on Xen pieces which are on the Xen 4.6 list.
   -  Manish Jaggi

*  VPMU - 'perf' support in Linux (ok)
    Depends on Xen patches
    Acked by David Vrabel
   -  Boris Ostrovsky

*  vNUMA in Linux (ok)
    v6 posted
   -  Wei Liu

*  COLO Agent in Linux (fair)
   -  Gui Jianfeng
   -  Yang Hongyang
   -  Dong, Eddie

*  ARM64 - support 64K guest (none)
   -  Julien Grall

== OpenStack ==

*  setup CI loop for OpenStack (fair)
   -  Anthony Perard

== FreeBSD ==

*  PVH FreeBSD dom0 (ok)
    FreeBSD 11 goal. Toolstack side done in Xen 4.5
   -  Roger Pau Monnï

== Other OSes (MiniOS, QNX) ==

*  ARM - MiniOS (fair)
    v7 posted
   -  Thomas Leonard

*  PV drivers for automotive kernels (fair)
   -  Artem Mygaiev

*  mini-os: xenbus changes for rump kernels (ok)
    branch: base.dev-xen-xenbus.v1..dev-xen-xenbus.v1
    v2 posted
   -  Ian Jackson


*  OSSTest: studom test case (none)
   -  Wei Liu

*  OSSTest: libvirt migration (fair)
   -  Wei Liu

*  OSSTest: upgrade to Debian Jessie (none)
   -  Wei Liu

*  OSSTest: performance test (fair)
   -  Dario Faggioli

*  CPU pool test case (fair)
   -  Dario Faggioli

*  Add a FreeBSD host (fair)
   -  Roger Pau Monnï

*  Nested virt test case

*  v8 posted (fair)
   -  Robert Hu

== Deferred ==

*  ucode=scan also scan compressed initramfs (none)
   -  Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk

*  adjust log buffer based on memmap size (none)
   -  Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk

*  Further tmem cleanups/fixes (fair)
   -  Bob Liu

*  1TB slow destruction (ok)
   -  Bob Liu

*  cpuid leveling (none)
   -  Andrew Cooper

*  IO-NUMA - hwloc and xl (none)
    Andrew Cooper had an RFC patch for hwloc
    add restrictions  as to which devices cannot safely/functionally be split 
   -  Boris Ostrovsky

*  Convert tasklet to per-cpu tasklets (fair)
    RFC posted
   -  Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk

*  Xen Boot Information (xbi) (ok)
    Dependency for GRUB2 + EFI work
    v4, No go for full patchset. Only some of the patches.
    No ARM EFI hardware (yet) available to test them.
   -  Daniel Kiper

*  Linux ARM - Device assigment usage in Linux code (arch/arm) non-PCI (none)
    Depends on Xen pieces which are on the Xen 4.6 list.
   -  Julien Grall

== Completed ==

*  New Migration (v2). (good)
    v9 (libxc)
    Seems that it might need to slip or we run v1 alongside v2.
   -  Andrew Cooper & David Vrabel

*  libxl: add qxl vga interface support for upstream qemu (fair)
   -  Fabio Fantoni

*  ARM - passthrough of non-PCI (ok)
   -  Julien Grall

*  Intel Cache Allocation Technology (good)
   -  Chao Peng

*  Intel PML (Page Modification Logging) for Xen (good)
    v1 posted
   -  Kai Huang

*  Regression in PCI passthrough of INTx legacy devices can trigger list 
corruption (good)
    Sander reported it. Two different types of patches available.
   -  Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk

*  HVM guest NUMA (SRAT) (good)
    See vNUMA in Xen toolstack
   -  Wei Liu

*  vNUMA in Xen toolstack (good)
    v8 posted
   -  Wei Liu

*  Intel memory bandwidth monitoring for VMs (fair)
    v9 posted
   -  Chao Peng

*  ARM - SMMU resync of Linux's one (ok)
   -  Julien Grall

*  Add support for Xilinx ZynqMP SoC (fair)
   -  Edgar E. Iglesias

*  Add support for Huawei hip04-d01 platform (ok)
   -  Frediano Ziglio

*  Thunder X platform support (ok)
   -  Vijay Kilari

*  Splitting off mini-os (done)
   -  Wei Liu

*  OVMF on ARM (done)
    v4 posted
   -  Ard Biesheuvel

*  Update Xen tree to use upstream OVMF (done)
   -  Anthony PERARD

*  Enable vTPM subsystem on TPM 2.0 (done)
   -  Xu, Quan

*  SPICE support improvement (done)
   -  Fabio Fantoni



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