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[Xen-devel] [OSSTEST PATCH 0/6] Use mkfs rather than resize2fs for build fs

At the moment, when we set up a machine for builds, we:
 - install Debian, leaving plenty of space in the root LVM VG
 - install the build tools
 - resize the root fs to make room for the builds

This fs resize runs (mostly) in the background, alongside the first
build(s).  This is, it turns out, not a good idea: fs resize is
massively slower than mkfs (so takes a long time) and very demanding
of IO bandwidth (so it makes builds run more slowly).

We have worked around this slowness to an extent, for example in
fbd803f7 "ts-rumpuserxen-build: Double the build timeout" and
ee31a32a "ts-xen-build-prep: Run the backgrounded resize2fs with ionice".

This series:
 - reverts our previous attempt to deal with this problem with ionice
 - reverts the (ancient) arrangements to resize in the background
 - instead, arranges to lvcreate and mkfs a new fs for /home/osstest
   (and copy the existing contents into it).

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