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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC 0/4] Support more than 8 vcpus on arm64 with GICv3

Hi Chen,

On 14/05/15 15:14, Chen Baozi wrote:
> From: Chen Baozi <baozich@xxxxxxxxx>
> Currently the number of vcpus on arm64 with GICv3 is limited up to 8 due
> to the fixed size of redistributor mmio region. In this patch series, I
> postpone setting the size of GICR0 to the point when max_vcpus of a domU is
> determined to support more than 8 redistributors.

I don't think postponing is necessary. We have plenty of space in the
RAM guest layout to reserve a region for 128 redistributors.

If the guest is trying to access to wrong re-distributor, it will
receive a data abort. It's already the case today when the guest is
using less than 8 vCPUs.

Although you would need to reshuffle a bit the layout. With your
solution, if the guest is using 128 vCPUs it will overlap the
grant-table region, magic page (xenstore, xenconsole,...) and the
beginning of the RAM. whoops ;).

> However, I am not quite sure that decoupling the rdist base and size
> setting of domU to different functions is appropriate, though I am now
> able to create both a dom0 and a domU of 8+ vcpus with these patches.
> So any comments/suggestions are welcomed.

I'm afraid to say that your suggestion is only enough to support up to
16 vCPUs per guest.

The vGIC is only using the affinity 0 of the MPIDR (AFF1, AFF2 and AFF3
are ignored).

Affinity 0 represents the CPU in a cluster and AFF{1,2,3} the cluster
ID. Each cluster can support up to 16 CPUs.

You will also need to change the way to domain is creating the MIPDR,
currently it considers that AFF0 == vcpu_id (see vcpu_initialise).

Lastly, you need more care for the GICv2 case. We don't want a user to
create a guest with more than 8 vCPUs.

Even though supporting more than 16 vCPUs would nice, it would require
more work. I would be fine if you decide to only bump to 16 vCPUs for now.


Julien Grall

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