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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V3] xen/vm_event: Clean up control-register-write vm_events

On 05/19/2015 11:31 AM, Razvan Cojocaru wrote:
> As suggested by Andrew Cooper, this patch attempts to remove
> some redundancy and allow for an easier time when adding vm_events
> for new control registers in the future, by having a single
> VM_EVENT_REASON_WRITE_CTRLREG vm_event type, meant to serve CR0,
> CR3, CR4 and (newly introduced) XCR0. The actual control register
> will be deduced by the new .index field in vm_event_write_ctrlreg
> (renamed from vm_event_mov_to_cr). The CR0, CR3 and CR4 events are
> now pre-write vm_events. The patch has also modified the
> xen-access.c test - it is now able to log CR3 events.
> Signed-off-by: Razvan Cojocaru <rcojocaru@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> ---
> Changes since V2:
>  - The CR0, CR3 and CR4 events are now pre-write vm_events.
>  - Struct monitor's .write_ctrlreg_enabled, .write_ctrlreg_sync
>    and .write_ctrlreg_onchangeonly are now 4 bits wide instead
>    of 8 (previously wider than necessary to reserve them for
>    future events).
>  - Consistent use of "curr" in hvm_handle_xsetbv().

I've intentionally lost "Reviewed-by: Tim Deegan <tim@xxxxxxx>" as I
thought moving the CR0, CR3 and CR3 events to be pre-write is a serious
enough change to warrant a new review. Hopefully it wasn't the wrong
thing to do.


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