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[Xen-devel] [OSSTEST PATCH 4/6] Revert "cs-bisection-step: Abandon repro attempts after a bit"

This safety catch is unnecessary and unhelpful.

It is unnecessary because 489773b4 "Detect flailing" will detect
attempts by the bisector to repeatedly run the same flight and hope
for different results.

It is unhelpful because it can happen for good reasons that a
particular revision has been tested many times.  In particular:

 - The osstest push gate input tree may have not been advanced for a
   long time and been failing its push gate.

 - The bisector may have (for some reason[1]) restarted with a new
   baseline, and the temporarally-stripy pass/fail requirement would
   then require the basis fail to be repro'd, again.

[1] Currently this happens much more often than is desirable.  This
will be fixed in a moment.

This reverts commit 2676277181599a889657354028b992379aa6142b.
 cs-bisection-step |    4 ----
 1 file changed, 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/cs-bisection-step b/cs-bisection-step
index 3035912..743a3e5 100755
--- a/cs-bisection-step
+++ b/cs-bisection-step
@@ -769,10 +769,6 @@ sub need_repro ($$$) {
     return 1 if conflicted_warning($n, $what);
     my $fl= $n->{Flights} || [];
-    return report_conflict($n, $what, 'Too many attempts')
-       if @$fl > 5;
     foreach my $f (sort { $a->{Flight} <=> $b->{Flight} } @$fl) {
         next unless $f->{Flight} > $repro_lastflight;
        if ($f->{Result} ne $st) {

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