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[Xen-devel] [PATCH OSSTEST v1 00/15] Initial support for ARM64

The following makes a start on support for arm64 systems.

Since arm64 was only added in Debian Jessie this requires Wei's "Debian
Jessie patches" as a base line, but without the
"mg-debian-installer-update: use new url for armhf packages" patch which
is replaced here. (Wei, I cc'd you on that one)

The main development here is support for UEFI PXE booting, which is not
particular to arm64, but is more prominent there. Hopefully this work
would be useful for UEFI only x86 systems too.

This has been tested on a Mustang board booting UEFI and build-* works
with one (slightly major) exception: The Debian kernel does not
currently reboot correctly on this system. This will likely require a
kernel from backports in order to work correctly.

I haven't looked into test-* yet (although they are added) but I expect
two major bits of work will be required: Booting via uefi chainloading
and provisioning xen.cfg instead of grub.cfg and the use of a newer
linux kernel for arm systems in order to get all the necessary device
support (Debian Jessie's kernel has some backports for Mustang).

I expect that other arm64 platforms (e.g. Cavium ThunderX, AMD Seattle)
are going to need a much newer kernel anyway.


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