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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V4] xen/vm_event: Clean up control-register-write vm_events

On 05/22/2015 03:22 PM, Jan Beulich wrote:
>>>> On 22.05.15 at 14:15, <rcojocaru@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> While working on this I found the following in the vm_event.h header:
>> 168 struct vm_event_debug {
>> 169     uint64_t gfn;
>> 170     uint32_t _pad;
>> 171 };
>> Is this supposed to be 64 + 32 bits padding?
> I think I need to direct the question back to you.

Fair enough, let me rephrase that: I don't see how that padding would be
useful, and I propose to remove _pad as part of the next version of this
patch (or a different smaller patch).


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