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[Xen-devel] Linking issue with gcc-4.9, but not gcc-4.8

Ahoy there!

I was attempting to compile Xen from branches: `master`, and `stable-4.5`  I had
some trouble initially, as Ubuntu 12.04 defaults to an old version of gcc.  I
updated gcc to 4.9 from the toolchain ppa, and was NOT able to compile Xen on
either branch.  Installing and configuring gcc 4.8 allows Xen to compile

Log (tail) when compiling with gcc 4.9

Line 43 in this makefile that has some trouble:

The `-Wl,libfsimage.so.$(MAJOR)` seems suspect.  But I wasn't successful when I
tried tinkering with it for a bit.  Does anyone have any idea what might be
going wrong here?

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