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[Xen-devel] Document Day is Tomorrow, May 27

Reminder: Our project's Document Day for May is tomorrow!

Theme for this month: "No-Can-Do Without a HowTo, Part 2."  Last
month, we ended up creating a great new page describing Huge Page
support.  Can we top that this month?

We've got a lot of good information in the documentation, but it isn't
always in a form that will help someone use a particular feature for
the first time. Or, sometimes the information is present, but it might
need to be brought up-to-date.

Some of these possible topics include:

- OpenStack updates (lots of new work means we should review and
update the OpenStack pages as needed)
- Get up and running with Mirage OS
- Booting with UEFI (see the TODO page for a link to a Q&A post about this)
- Installing on ARM (need a basic HowTo; more and more people are
trying to test Xen Project on ARM)
- Using Xen Project with common applications (see the TODO page for a
link to a Q&A post about Citrix Netscaler)
- Any other niche topic which doesn't have a good HowTo-type doc page

If you know anything about these or any other topic which needs to a
good HowTo document, please join in tomorrow!

-- Russ

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