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Re: [Xen-devel] 4.5.1-rc1 has been tagged

I am currently validating 4.5.1-rc1 as a stable platform for production environments. I perform a series of tests which stress the IO subsystems (net+disk) to the max. For block IO I reach more than 1.5 gigabytes/sec. The tests also hash (SHA1) all IO and verify it against known values so I can be sure that traffic is not "write only" but really transferred correctly bit-by-bit. Tests are also highly multithreaded, so there should be some good coverage.

So far these tests were without any problem.

I had one total crash/reboot of Xen with pvops domU kernel 3.18.13. Somehow it looked like that domU was able to crash the whole hypervisor. Perhaps somebody has time to spend more time on investigating.

Regards Andreas

On 18.05.2015 16:27, Jan Beulich wrote:
aiming at a release with presumably (i.e. as usual) one more RC,
please test!
Thanks, Jan

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