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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 2/6] libxl: do not add a vkb backend to hvm guests

Il 01/07/2015 12:55, Roger Pau Monné ha scritto:
El 01/07/15 a les 12.29, Stefano Stabellini ha escrit:
Given that xen-fbfront is likely to go away for HVM guests, I wouldn't
be opposed to stop the driver initialization in Linux on x86/HVM. Unless
Roger's work on HVMlite is going to need xen-fbfront again, but in that
case we'll be able to distinguish a regular HVM guest from an HVMlite
guest, I think.
I haven't get to that point yet, but yes, it seems useful for HVMlite
guests because we won't have an emulated VGA card any more.

If you don't want have emulated vga you can already do it fast in xl cfg: vga="none" Note: emulated vga is used by spice and vnc of hvm domUs, without connecting with them you'll have black screen.

HVMlite guest can be easily identified because they set the device model
to none:

device_model_version == LIBXL_DEVICE_MODEL_VERSION_NONE

For HVMlite.


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