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Re: [Xen-devel] [v4][PATCH 11/19] tools: introduce some new parameters to set rdm policy

>>> On 06.07.15 at 16:29, <george.dunlap@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It sounds like part of the problem here is a matter of domains.
> Jan cares mostly about what happens in the hypervisor.  At the
> hypervisor level, there is only the per-device configurations, and he is
> keen that rmrrs be "strict" by default, unless there is an explicit flag
> to relax it.  (I agree with this, FWIW.)
> What we've been arguing about is the xl layer -- what settings should
> xl/libxl give to the hypervisor, based on what's in the domain config?
> It sounds like Jan doesn't care a great deal about it, and in any case
> would defer to the tools maintainers, but that if asked for his advice
> he would say that the configuration in xl.cfg should act like all the
> other pci device configurations: that you have a domain-wide default
> that can be overridden in the per-device setting.
> I.e.:
> ---
> rdm='reserve=strict'
> pci=[ '02:0.0', '01:1.1,rdm_reserve=relaxed' ]
> ---
> Would pass "strict" for the first device, and "relaxed" for the second.
> Do I understand you both properly, Jan / Tiejun?

Yes for me.


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