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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH]xen new latest version mp_register_lapic can't register disabled CPU, patch attempt to fix

>>> On 07.07.15 at 01:52, <fanhenglong@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> When xen booted up and parsed all cpus by acpi_parse_x2apic,
> if the number of "Processor Local x2APIC Structure"(struct 
> acpi_madt_local_x2apic) parsed from acpi table bigger than the number of host 
> cpu.
> for all extra acpi_madt_local_x2apic structure,
> struct acpi_madt_local_x2apic {
>          struct acpi_subtable_header header;
>          u16 reserved;           /* Reserved - must be zero */
>          u32 local_apic_id;    /* Processor x2APIC ID  */
>          u32 lapic_flags;
>          u32 uid;             /* ACPI processor UID */
> };
> member local_apic_id has default value FFFFFFFF.
> based on the above code, "processor->local_apic_id >= MAX_APICS"(line:103) 
> and 
> return ,caused each disabled CPU can't be registered.

But you fail to explain why you think these processors need to be
registered. They're disabled after all.


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