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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v5 00/16] x86/hvm: I/O emulation cleanup and fix

Il 30/06/2015 16:48, Fabio Fantoni ha scritto:
Il 30/06/2015 15:05, Paul Durrant ha scritto:
This patch series re-works much of the code involved in emulation of port
and memory mapped I/O for HVM guests.

The code has become very convoluted and, at least by inspection, certain
emulations will apparently malfunction.

The series is broken down into 16 patches (which are also available in
my xenbits repo: http://xenbits.xen.org/gitweb/?p=people/pauldu/xen.git
on the emulation32 branch).

Previous changelog

  - Removed bogus assertion from patch #15
  - Re-worked patch #17 after basic testing of back-port onto XenServer

  - Addressed comments from Jan
  - Re-ordered series to bring a couple of more trivial patches to the
  - Backport to XenServer (4.5) now passing automated tests
  - Tested on unstable with QEMU upstream and trad, with and without
    HAP (to force shadow emulation)

  - Removed previous patch (make sure translated MMIO reads or
    writes fall within a page) and rebased rest of series.
  - Address Jan's comments on patch #1

Changelog (now per-patch)


This is a fix for an issue on staging reported by Don Slutz


v5: Addressed further comments from Jan


v5: New patch to tidy up types


v5: New patch to tidy up more types


v5: Addressed further comments from Jan and simplified implementation
     by passing ioreq_t to accept() function


v5: Simplified by leaving mmio_check() implementation alone and
     calling to check last byte if first-byte check passes


v5: Addressed further comments from Jan


v5: Fixed semantic problems pointed out by Jan


v5: Addressed further comments from Jan


v5: Added Jan's acked-by


v5: Confirmed call to msix_write_completion() is in the correct place.


v5: Added some extra comments to the commit


v5: Added Jan's acked-by


v5: Added missing hunk with call to handle_pio()


v5: Added Jan's acked-by


v5: Fixed to cache up three distict I/O emulations per instruction


The series was been back-ported to staging-4.5 and then dropped onto the
XenServer (Dundee) patch queue. All automated branch-safety tests pass.

The series as-is has been manually tested with a Windows 7 (32-bit) VM
using upstream QEMU.

Thanks for your work.
I did some very fast tests, no regression found, on my linux domUs qxl is still not working and I'm unable to debug it.
@Jim Fehlig: can you try if qxl is still working at least on suse dom0/domU after this serie please?

Can someone tell me how to debug the qxl problem now that qemu don't crash anymore but remain at 100% cpu without nothing about in dom0 logs (if exists) please?

Thanks for any reply and sorry for my bad english.

I don't have knowledge about x86 emulation but I'm trying desperately to find the cause of such problems which persists despite this serie of patches.
In latest xengt xen patches I saw this patch: "vgt: add support of emulating SSE2 instruction MOVD"
This xengt patch is still based on xen 4.5 instead, and x86_emulate.c is different but I noticed some strange things looking at it and also comparing it with upstream staging...

xengt add this:
case 0x7e: /* movd xmm,mm/mm32 */
this seems still missing in upstream staging, should it be added? Should I try the patch with latest upstream xen or does it need other changes?
There is also this:
ea.bytes = (b == 0x7e ? 4 : 16);
An sse2 istruction of 4 byte seems strange to me, is it right?

In upstream I saw this:
case 0xe7: /* movntq mm,m64 */
                /* {,v}movntdq xmm,m128 */
                /* vmovntdq ymm,m256 */
         fail_if(ea.type != OP_MEM);
         fail_if(vex.pfx == vex_f3);
         /* fall through */

In the last qemu crash I had with qxl on linux I got this:
#0  __memset_sse2 () at ../sysdeps/x86_64/multiarch/../memset.S:908
Latest istruction:
=> 0x7ffff3713f7b <__memset_sse2+2363>:    movntdq %xmm0,(%rdi)

Is it possible that the "fail_if(ea.type != OP_MEM);" or the other one make a difference?

After applying this patch serie qemu doesn't crash anymore but it remains at 100% cpu and is unusable, I can do only xl destroy, I find nothing in logs and I'm unable to debug it.
Is there something I can do to debug this?

I also took a fast look at suse kernel patches (https://github.com/openSUSE/kernel-source/tree/SLE12-SP1) where qxl is also working on linux domUs (other things seems already similar based on what Jim Fehlig told me) but I didn't find a possible fix/workaround for it to try. Can someone tell me about possible patches I should try please?

Any help to find the workaround or fix to apply upstream and have linux domUs working with qxl in every case is appreciated.

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