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[Xen-devel] [PATCH OSSTEST v8 00/14] add distro domU testing flight


Since v7 I've done the switch from "lvm" to "none" as discussed, fixed
(I hope!) the quoting in the fetchurl helper and added the runvar docs
to the ts-debian-di-install script. I also pushed the build job
filtering to the head (which resulted in some other patches being folded
in to the introduction in make-distros-flight instead of later).

I retained acks even when changing things due to either the moving of
the make-*flight filter or the moving of the runvar docs to the script,
otherwise I dropped them, I hope that is ok.

Summary of (A)cks, (M)odified and (N)ew (NM==Replaced something):

AM      mfi-common: Allow make-*flight to filter the set of build jobs to 
 M      TestSupport: Add helper to fetch a URL on a host
AM      distros: add support for installing Debian PV guests via d-i, flight 
and jobs
AM      distros: support booting Debian PV (d-i installed) guests with pvgrub.
 M      distros: Support pvgrub for Wheezy too.
A       Test pygrub and pvgrub on the regular flights
A       distros: add branch infrastructure
  N     crontab-cambridge: Use hard tabs for alignment.
 M      distros: Run one suite per day on a weekly basis
A       Debian: Handle lack of bootloader support in d-i on ARM.
A       ts-debian-di-install: Refactor root_disk specification
A       make-flight: refactor PV debian tests
 M      Add testing of file backed disk formats
        make-distros-flight: Use ftp.debian.org directly

Results for an adhoc xen-unstable flight are at 
And for Jessie:


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