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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2] x86: correct socket_cpumask allocation

>>> On 09.07.15 at 10:26, <chao.p.peng@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> @@ -748,8 +758,9 @@ static int cpu_smpboot_alloc(unsigned int cpu)
>          goto oom;
>      per_cpu(stubs.addr, cpu) = stub_page + STUB_BUF_CPU_OFFS(cpu);
> -    if ( !socket_cpumask[socket] &&
> -         !zalloc_cpumask_var(socket_cpumask + socket) )
> +    if ( secondary_socket_cpumask == NULL &&
> +         (secondary_socket_cpumask = _xzalloc(nr_cpumask_bits / 8,
> +                                              sizeof(long))) == NULL )

This is horrible since completely type-unsafe, and correct only
because _xmalloc() happens to allocate more space than requested
if the size isn't a multiple of MEM_ALIGN. And it makes me realize why
on IRC I first suggested xzalloc_array(): That would at least have
taken care of that latent bug. And remember that I did _not_
suggest _xzalloc(), but xzalloc().

Taken together I think we should stay with using zalloc_cpumask_var(),
and introduce zap_cpumask_var() (storing NULL in the big NR_CPUS
case and doing nothing in the small one). Should I be overlooking
something that still prevents this from building in both cases, the
above allocation should be changed to at least be type safe (and I
guess I'd rather waste a few bytes here than see you add fragile
casts or some such).


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