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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2] Modified RTDS scheduler to use an event-driven model instead of polling.

>> I think you might assume that the first M VCPUs  in the runq are the
>> current running VCPUs on the M pCPUs. Am I correct? (From what you
>> described in the following example, I think I'm correct. ;-) )
> Mmm... Interesting. Yes, I was. I was basing this assumption on this
> chunk on Dagaen's patch:
>     // If we become one of top [# CPUs] in the runq, tickle it
>     // TODO: make this work when multiple tickles are required
>     if ( new_position > 0 && new_position <= prv->NUM_CPUS )
>         runq_tickle(ops, svc);
> And forgot (and did not go check) about the __q_remove() in
> rt_schedule(). My bad again.
> But then, since we don't have the running vCPUs in the runq, how the
> code above is supposed to be correct?

This was my bad. I need to change so running vcpus are in runq, and
this would then be correct.

>> I tell that you make the above assumption from here.
>> However, in the current implementation, runq does not hold the current
>> running VCPUs on the pCPUs. We remove the vcpu from runq in
>> rt_schedule() function. What you described above make perfect sense
>> "if" we decide to make runq hold the current running VCPUs.
> Yep. And it indeed seems to me that we may well think about doing so. It
> will make it possible to base on the position for making/optimizing
> scheduling decisions, and at the same time I don't think I see much
> downsides in that, do you?
>> Actually, after thinking about the example you described, I think we
>> can hold the current running VCPUs *and* the current idle pCPUs in the
>> scheduler-wide structure;
> What do you mean with 'current idle pCPUs'? I said something similar as
> well, and what I meant was a cpumask with bit i set if i-eth pCPU is
> idle, do you also mean this?
> About the running vCPUs, why just not leave them in the actual runq?

This seemed like the straightforward way to me, too.

>> In other words, we can have another runningq
>> (not runq) and a idle_pcpu list in the rt_private; Now all VCPUs are
>> stored in three queues: runningq, runq, and depletedq, in increasing
>> priority order.
> Perhaps, but I'm not sure I see the need for another list. Again, why
> just not leave them in runq? I appreciate this is a rather big  change
> (although, perhaps it looks bigger said than done), but I think it could
> be worth pursuing.
> For double checking, asserting, and making sure that we are able to
> identify the running svc-s, we have the __RTDS_scheduled flag.

I also don't feel we need another list.

~Dagaen Golomb

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