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[Xen-devel] Request a freeze exception for Libxl Migration v2 in 4.6


I would like to request a freeze exception for libxl migration v2.

v3 of the series was posted this morning, and review seems to indicate
that it is mostly on track.  I hope to have v4 ready to post tomorrow,
and hope to have no further adjustments required.

On the testing side of things, libxc migration v2 and (an earlier
version of) the python conversion script have shipped in XenServer 6.5. 
We are entirely confident of the quality here, have extensive testing in

The libxl side is admittedly far less tested.  All testing is so far
manual on my behalf, but I have specifically tested PV (32 and 64), HVM
(qemu trad and upstream) save, restore, and migrate, including inline
legacy->v2 conversion.

The biggest risk, feature wise, is the subject of Remus streams which I
am unable to test.  An earlier version of the series had some testing
and identified an issue, which has subsequently been fixed.


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