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Re: [Xen-devel] Requesting for freeze exception for RMRR

1. clarify the state of patch series / feature.

Reviewed        Acked   RMRR series v7
Y               Y       [v7][PATCH 01/16] xen: introduce 
Y               Y       [v7][PATCH 02/16] xen/vtd: create RMRR mapping
Y               N       [v7][PATCH 03/16] xen/passthrough: extend hypercall to 
support rdm
reservation policy

I can't seem to find any such Reviewed-by on the list (and the patch
itself doesn't carry one either).

Y               Y       [v7][PATCH 04/16] xen: enable XENMEM_memory_map in hvm
Y               N       [v7][PATCH 05/16] hvmloader: get guest memory map into 
Y               N       [v7][PATCH 06/16] hvmloader/pci: skip reserved ranges

Same here.

Y               N       [v7][PATCH 07/16] hvmloader/e820: construct guest e820 

And again.

Sorry this is my fault to these hv patches.

Y               Y       [v7][PATCH 08/16] tools/libxc: Expose new hypercall
Y               Y       [v7][PATCH 09/16] tools: extend xc_assign_device() to 
support rdm
reservation policy
Y               Y       [v7][PATCH 10/16] tools: introduce some new parameters 
to set rdm
Y               Y       [v7][PATCH 11/16] tools/libxl: detect and avoid 
conflicts with RDM
Y               Y       [v7][PATCH 12/16] tools: introduce a new parameter to 
set a
predefined rdm boundary
Y               Y       [v7][PATCH 13/16] libxl: construct e820 map with RDM 
for HVM guest
Y               Y       [v7][PATCH 14/16] xen/vtd: enable USB device assignment
Y               Y       [v7][PATCH 15/16] xen/vtd: prevent from assign the 
device with
shared rmrr

And yet again for these two. Please avoid giving a false impression

But these two patches really won Kevin's Ack, and also I wrote this line

Acked-by: Kevin Tian <kevin.tian@xxxxxxxxx>

both in these two patches.


of the state of the series to the release manager (and others).


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