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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 00/27] Libxl migration v2

This series adds support for the libxl migration v2 stream, and untangles the
existing layering violations of the toolstack and qemu records.

It can be found on the branch "libxl-migv2-v4"

No major changes over v3, but a lot of minor changes following review.

At the end of the series, legacy migration is no longer used.

The Remus code is untested by me.  All other combinations of
suspend/migrate/resume have been tested with PV and HVM guests (qemu-trad and
qemu-upstream), including automatic legacy -> v2 inline conversion.

Anyway, thoughts/comments welcome.  Please test!


Summary of Acks/Modified/New from v2

A   bsd-sys-queue-h-seddery: Massage `offsetof'
A   tools/libxc: Always compile the compat qemu variables into xc_sr_context
A   tools/libxl: Introduce ROUNDUP()
A   tools/libxl: Introduce libxl__kill()
A   tools/libxl: Stash all restore parameters in domain_create_state
A   tools/libxl: Split libxl__domain_create_state.restore_fd in two
AM  tools/libxl: Extra management APIs for the save helper
A   tools/libxl: Add save_helper_state pointers to 
  N tools/libxl: Fix libxl__carefd_opened() to be more useful with an invalid fd
A   tools/xl: Mandatory flag indicating the format of the migration stream
A   docs: Libxl migration v2 stream specification
A   tools/python: Libxc migration v2 infrastructure
A   tools/python: Libxl migration v2 infrastructure
A   tools/python: Other migration infrastructure
A   tools/python: Verification utility for v2 stream spec compliance
A   tools/python: Conversion utility for legacy migration streams
A   tools/libxl: Migration v2 stream format
 M  tools/libxl: Infrastructure for reading a libxl migration v2 stream
 M  tools/libxl: Infrastructure to convert a legacy stream
 M  tools/libxl: Convert a legacy stream if needed
AM  tools/libxc+libxl+xl: Restore v2 streams
 M  tools/libxl: Infrastructure for writing a v2 stream
AM  tools/libxc+libxl+xl: Save v2 streams
A   docs/libxl: Introduce CHECKPOINT_END to support migration v2 remus streams
AM  tools/libxl: Write checkpoint records into the stream
A   tools/libx{c,l}: Introduce restore_callbacks.checkpoint()
AM  tools/libxl: Handle checkpoint records in a libxl migration v2 stream
A   tools/libxc: Drop all XG_LIBXL_HVM_COMPAT code from libxc
A   tools/libxl: Drop all knowledge of toolstack callbacks

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