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[Xen-devel] [PATCH V6 0/3] Vm_event memory introspection helpers

This series addresses reviews addressed to V5. All patches have
at least one ack, and the modifications are minor.

Patch 2/3 has not been modified at all, and the only modification
in patch 3/3 is that it now uses vzalloc() / vfree() instead of
xzalloc_array() / xfree(), and both patch 3/3 and 1/3 now set
the allocated data to NULL after freeing it on domain destruction

Patch 1/3 does has slightly more modifications, however they are
mostly cosmetic (the only non-cosmetic one is that the patch now
bypasses a hvm_copy_from_guest_phys() call that did no harm but
was unnecessary).

As discussed, I've kept the better-safe-than-sorry approach of
freeing allocated data on both domain destruction paths and
vm_event_cleanup(), based on the comments in
shadow_final_teardown(), which imply that it is theoretically
possible to end up on a domain destruction path without
domain_kill() being called (and domain_kill() does the

[PATCH V6 1/3] xen/mem_access: Support for memory-content hiding
[PATCH V6 2/3] xen/vm_event: Support for guest-requested events
[PATCH V6 3/3] xen/vm_event: Deny register writes if refused by
vm_event reply

Thanks in advance for your reviews,

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