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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] libxl/remus: fix the return value of the checkpoint callback

On 07/15/2015 09:37 PM, Ian Jackson wrote:
Ian Campbell writes ("Re: [PATCH] libxl/remus: fix the return value of the 
checkpoint callback"):
Does that mean it won't apply to current staging?

Indeed it doesn't.

I think we probably want this fix ASAP rather than waiting for that

Yes.  Patch just sent.  Untested but fairly obvious.  Yang, do you
want to test this, or do you want us to apply it as-is ?  I don't have
a remus test setup.

Please apply, thanks!

This is the second rc-handling bug in 31c836f4 "libxl: events: Permit
timeouts to signal ao abort".  I am going to re-read that patch to see
if I can find any more.



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