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Re: [Xen-devel] [v7][PATCH 00/16] Fix RMRR

It looks like most of the libxl/libxc patches have been acked.  It
seems to me that most of the hypervisor patches (1-3, 14-15) are
either ready to go in or pretty close.

Now that I looked over v8 I have to admit that if I was a tools
maintainer I wouldn't want to see some of the tools patches in
with just an ack, but without any review.

I'm somewhat confused at this point.

Acked-by: is often used by the maintainer of the affected code when that
maintainer neither contributed to nor forwarded the patch. It is a
record that the acker has at least reviewed the patch and has indicated

Does this imply this is already reviewed?

No, that would be expressed by Reviewed-by. Acked-by merely
means no objection by the maintainer for the change to go in.

Sorry I'm trying to dig into this.

If nobody would like to take a look at this, so isn't this the associated maintainer's responsibility to review finally? In this case isn't Acked-by fine enough?

Or you still want to us add two lines explicitly,

Reviewed-by: A
Acked-by: A


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