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[Xen-devel] [PATCH OSSTEST 0/4] Have OpenStack tested on top of xen's master and libvirt's master.


I have looked into getting OpenStack been tested on the latest Xen via
osstest. There is an adjustement in common code to accomodate OpenStack,
this is an extra Linux config option. Otherwise anything else should be
done only if a Toolstack named "openstack" is to be used for testing.

I've introduce an extra Osstest::Toolstack which help to install extra
package, and use ballonning for Dom0, 500MB for Dom0 is definetly not

The ts-devstack script does prepare a bit more the host, clone devstack,
then run ./stack.sh, which is a bit like raisin. Once the machine ready,
the integration test suite from OpenStack, Tempest, is started. Do you
think those two step should be in separate test, one for devstack, and one
for Tempest?  I have not done it, but we could have some smoke test before
Tempest where osstest tryied to start a guest.

For the last patch, I've tried to have ./standalone make-flight have only
the necessary jobs to run test-amd64-amd64-devstack, but there is still
build-xsm in the list.

Then later, there will be the question of which tree to track, devstack?
nova? Or don't track any and just test with the master branch from time to


Anthony PERARD (4):
  Toolstack: Add OpenStack as a toolstack.
  ts-devstack: Deploy OpenStack then test it with Tempest
  Create a flight to test OpenStack with xen-unstable and libvirt.

 Osstest/Toolstack/openstack.pm |  81 +++++++++++
 ap-common                      |   4 +
 ap-fetch-version               |   4 +
 ap-fetch-version-old           |   5 +
 ap-print-url                   |   3 +
 cri-common                     |   1 +
 make-flight                    |  17 +++
 mfi-common                     |   7 +
 sg-run-job                     |   5 +
 ts-devstack                    | 305 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 ts-kernel-build                |   5 +
 ts-xen-install                 |   1 +
 12 files changed, 438 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 Osstest/Toolstack/openstack.pm
 create mode 100755 ts-devstack

Anthony PERARD

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