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Re: [Xen-devel] [v8][PATCH 06/16] hvmloader/pci: disable all pci devices conflicting with rdm

Here what I intended to do is if one of all bars specific to one given
device already conflicts with RDM, its not necessary to continue check other
remaining bars of this device and other RDM regions, we just disable this
device simply then check next device.

I know what you're trying to do; what I'm saying is I don't think it
does what you want it to do.

You have loops nested 3 deep:
1. for each dev
   2.  for each bar
     3. for each memory range

This conditional is in loop 3; you want it to be in loop 2.

(In fact, when you set is_conflict, you then break out of loop 3 back
into loop 2; so this code will never actually be run.)

Sorry I should make this clear last time.

I mean I already knew what you were saying is right at this point so I tried to use goto to fix this bug.

  >> Also, if you declare is_conflict inside the devfn loop, rather than in
the main function, then you don't need this "is_conflict=false" here.

It might also be more sensible to use a goto instead; but this is one


I'm not a fan of hard-coding the loop continuing condition like this;
if I were going to do a goto, I'd want to go to the end of the loop.

I guess something like this,

                        pci_writew(devfn, PCI_COMMAND, ~cmd);
                        /* Jump next device. */
                        goto check_next_device;

Anyway, the code is OK as it is; I'd rather spend time working on
something that's more of a blocker.


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