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Re: [Xen-devel] [v8][PATCH 07/16] hvmloader/e820: construct guest e820 table

Honestly I didn't try to change that point but maybe I'm missing something?

Yes, you are missing something. :-)  I told you exactly what I wanted
changed and what I said could remain the same:

By all means, calculate high_mem_end so it's easier to read.  But then,
when creating a new region, set e820[nr].size = add_high_mem, so that
the BUG_ON() that follows actually checks something useful.

Just to be clear, I want the second if() statement to look like this:

+        if ( i == nr )
+        {
+            e820[nr].addr = ((uint64_t)1 << 32);
+            e820[nr].size = add_high_mem;

Ahh, when you're replying this, I also see this difference and realize what you meant. Sorry to this inconvenience and I'll sync this line into my tree :)


+            e820[nr].type = E820_RAM;
+            nr++;
+        }

Think about why and maybe that will help you understand what I'm talking


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