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[Xen-devel] pre-cursor email to incremental rev6 of altp2m patch series

Hi Wei and Maintainers,

While we continue to work on the maintainer review comments - we prepared a 
minor incremental version v6 of our patch series that :

1. is rebased to staging
2. addresses a bug that we found/introduced in v5

The intent of creating this incremental version is to aid you in the decision 
making for the freeze exception for altp2m (that would allow us to work on 
things until the 24th).
We realise that the decision for granting freeze exception is on Friday (17th) 
hence this email to seek feedback - we did not want maintainers to think that 
we are not working on the v5 feedback.

The goal of this patch series is to identify things needed on top of v6 that 
are absolutely necessary for 4.6 and bin things we can continue addressing post 
inclusion in 4.6 (of course, the timeline of 24th still applies - and we will 
be able to respond only to a certain degree of changes on this v6 to meet that).

We hear all the other comments we have on v5 from the maintainers and as we 
continue to work on them, we wanted feedback on whether we should post this v6.
Note again that this v6 does not have all the other v5 comments addressed as we 
work through them simply due to timing (and getting you a version that cleanly 
applies to staging).

Please give feedback on whether we should post v6 of the patch series. (I know 
this email is late for UK maintainers, but we will respond as soon as we see a 
critical mass of responses)

Thanks much,

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