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Re: [Xen-devel] Request a freeze exception for COLO in v4.6

Wei Liu writes ("Re: [Xen-devel] Request a freeze exception for COLO in v4.6"):
> Ian and Ian, anything to add? What are your opinions?

I think COLO is an exciting and important feature.

Unfortunately I agree with Wei that at this stage taking both series
as they currently stand into 4.6 is not tenable.  (Perhaps if I had
been able to help earlier in the release cycle this would have been
different; so for that I'm sorry.)

I would like to see at least the early parts of `COLOPre' in staging
as soon as possible.  There is much preparatory work there which would
be annoying to rebase around, and which has collateral benefits.

If I can take one example, 11/25 "tools/libxc: support to resume
uncooperative HVM guests".  Based on my current understanding this is
even a bugfix.  Sadly it is not quite ready (or at least, wasn't last
night).  But with a few more days we can probably get much of this
cleanup and preparatory work in.

Assuming nothing goes horribly wrong, I am very optimistic about COLO
making it upstream soon, just not in 4.6.


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