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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 03/20] xen/grant: Introduce helpers to split a page into grant

On 16/07/15 17:07, Julien Grall wrote:
>>> +    pfn = xen_page_to_pfn(page) + (offset >> XEN_PAGE_SHIFT);
>>> +
>>> +    while (len) {
>>> +        glen = min_t(unsigned int, XEN_PAGE_SIZE - goffset, len);
>> Similarly I don't think we want to support glen != XEN_PAGE_SIZE here
> See my answer above.
>>> +        fn(pfn_to_mfn(pfn), goffset, &glen, data);
>> Allowing the callee to change glen makes the interface more complex and
>> certainly doesn't match the gnttab_foreach_grant function name anymore.
> Why? Each time the callback is called, there is a new grant allocated.

As discussed IRL, I will rename this function into

>> If netback needs it, could it just do the work inside its own function?
>> I would rather keep gnttab_foreach_grant simple and move the complexity
>> there.
> Moving the complexity in netback means adding a loop in the callback
> which will do exactly the same as this loop.
> That also means to use XEN_PAGE_SIZE & co which I'm trying to avoid in
> order to not confuse the developer. If they are hidden it likely mean
> less problem on 64KB when the developper is working on 4KB.
> IHMO, the complexity is not so bad and will be more lisible than yet
> another loop.

After the IRL talk, I will give a look if I can move the "netback
problem" in a different helper. We can see later if we could improve the


Julien Grall

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