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Re: [Xen-devel] Requesting for freeze exception for RMRR

My main disagreement here continues to be that we're talking
about a bug fix, and hence I don't view this as needing a freeze
exception in the first place (at least not at this point in time). Yes,
the bug fix involves adding code that looks like a new feature, but
that happens with bug fixes.

Fine then. I'm not going to argue feature vs bug fix at this stage.  The
final resolution is still the same. Tiejun can continue working on this
next week.

Wei and Jan,

Really thanks for your clarification to this case.

Looks two key problems should be addressed as follows:

#1. mmio conflicting with RDM

As Jan suggested George's patch is fine in this phrase.

#2. construct e820

I need to understand what Jan comments properly than resend a patch.

I'm going to finalize these things next week as early as possible.

Again, thanks for all guys's help and I can't walk here without any your guides.


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