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Re: [Xen-devel] Request a freeze exception for COLO in v4.6

> If I can take one example, 11/25 "tools/libxc: support to resume uncooperative

> HVM guests".  Based on my current understanding this is even a bugfix.  Sadly it

> is not quite ready (or at least, wasn't last night).  But with a few more days we

> can probably get much of this cleanup and preparatory work in.


I solicited Wei to give an 2-3 weeks exception time for the patch to be in much better shape, however, people simply ignore request not from Citrix without any retrospection to see where is the problem. I already heard many "believes" and "commitments" from people with the hat of maintainers  and managers, saying that he/she should be able to complete the dependency patch couple weeks before the deadline during Xen Hackathon, and agreed to raise the priority to review the patches. But was any of those commitment really made?


Be aware this pushing effort has been lasting for 2 years already, it is not this week, this month, this quarter, even not only this year.


Resorting this to one or two technical issue simply doesn't work. People with the maintainer's hat on can arbitrary re-version the existing APIs for their hobby, to block all the follow-up patches for entire release cycles, which is one entire year. In the XEN/COLO case, it is 2 years for similar reasons.



> Assuming nothing goes horribly wrong, I am very optimistic about COLO making

> it upstream soon, just not in 4.6.



 I heard similar word  one year ago too,  eveything is repeating without any retrospection: everything Citrix likes, they can happen at any time  anywhere ... Everything else, have to resort to the Citrix maintainers to has redundant bandwidth.

 Any developers from PRC, it is time for you guys to move to other hypervisors. Xen is a Citrix's hobby only, and no longer an active community project. If you couldn't prepare for at least 2 years efforts to push a patch series, Eddie personally would like to suggest you to move to other hypervisors.

From a former 11+ years experience Xen community developer, Xen spot light, and Xen active participant.
Eddie Dong

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