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Re: [Xen-devel] [v10][PATCH 11/16] tools/libxl: detect and avoid conflicts with RDM

 > I think the confusion here is that the d_config->rdms array (which
num_rdms is the length of) is in the public API (because it is in
libxl_types.idl) but is apparently only being used in this series as an
internal state for the domain build process (i.e. xl doesn't ever add
anything to the array rdms).

Tiejun, is that an accurate summary?


If the field is in the public API then the possibility of something
being passed in their must be considered now, even if this particular
series adds no such calls, since we cannot prevent 3rd party users of
libxl adding such configuration.

Is the possibility of the toolstack (i.e. the caller of libxl) supplying
an array of rdm regions seems to be being left aside for future work or
it not intended to ever support that?

Its very possible so you're right.


And if you still worry about something, I can add assert() at the
beginning of this function like this,

assert(!d_config->num_rdms && !d_config->rdms).

If you are sure that this assertion is correct, then that would be

But as I say above, I don't think it is.


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