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Re: [Xen-devel] [v11][PATCH 11/16] tools/libxl: detect and avoid conflicts with RDM

On Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 9:52 AM, Chen, Tiejun <tiejun.chen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> And I also can't understand why we should drop Reviewed-by/Acked-by from
> other guys. And, all new comments I addressed don't conflict with our
> previous revision so why?

You must remove Reviewed-by / Acked-by *for a given patch* *when you
change that patch in a significant way*.

"Acked-by: John Smith" is saying that John Smith is OK with the patch
the way that it is.  But just because John Smith was OK with the patch
before you made changes doesn't mean he's OK with the patch after you
made changes.

Very small changes -- like shifting whitespace or fixing typos -- are
usually OK to keep the Ack.  But if you make anything more substantial
-- even if you just reword a comment significantly -- then you have to
drop the Acked-by or Reviewed-by, and get them again.  (Usually if the
changes really are minor then it's fairly quick to get them again.)


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