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Re: [Xen-devel] [MINUTES] Monthly Xen.org Technical Call (2015-07-22)

On 23/07/15 10:08, Ian Campbell wrote:
>               * For Linux:
>                       * The Xen entrypoint shall point to a "stub" in
>                         the same vein of the UEFI stub.
>                       * The stub will set up a basic initial set of
>                         page tables, fills in bootinfo and then jump to
>                         the native 32- or 64-bit entry point as
>                         appropriate. 
>                       * The stub can/should live in linux.git
>                         (presumably arch/x86/xen) but should be self
>                         -contained and isolated from the main body of
>                         Linux code. It does setup to impedance match
>                         the Xen entry point to the Linux native entry
>                         point.
>                       * Other things (e.g. lack of ACPI) should be
>                         addressed by fixing the native Linux entry path
>                         to be able to cope without them. Likewise
>                         installing PV hooks may need hypervisor
>                         detection to be moved earlier in the native
>                         boot path.


The goal here is to use as much of the native code paths as possible to
reduce the chance of Xen support being broken by x86 changes.


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