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Re: [Xen-devel] Stable backport request for new OVMF version

>>> On 23.07.15 at 15:56, <ian.campbell@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The version of OVMF in 4.5 (and presumably earlier) doesn't build with
> the gcc in modern Linux distros (I noticed it with 4.9 from
> Debian/Jessie).
> I think we should update Config.mk:OVMF_UPSTREAM_REVISION to
> cb9a7ebabcd6b8a49dc0854b2f9592d732b5afbd in all stable branches. That
> version is the one currently in master.

To be honest I didn't even know we support use of OVMF in any
released version (nor in unstable). When did this change?


> One aspect of the specific failure I've tripped over (Debian Jessie) is
> that it will be a blocker for updating osstest to using the new version
> of Debian on the test hosts, which in turn is a prerequisite for arm64
> support.
> Ian.

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