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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v7 10/15] x86/altp2m: add remaining support routines.

On 07/23/2015 03:51 PM, Sahita, Ravi wrote:
>>> +int p2m_destroy_altp2m_by_id(struct domain *d, unsigned int idx) {
>>> +    struct p2m_domain *p2m;
>>> +    int rc = -EINVAL;
>>> +
>>> +    if ( !idx || idx > MAX_ALTP2M )
>>     >= (and then also elsewhere further down)?
> Right.


> Just wanted to make sure these are also ok to do post 4.6

Well the off-by-one errors certainly need to be fixed for 4.6.

If this was the only thing holding it up, the committer could fix it up
on check-in, or we could take a fix-up patch afterwards.


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