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Re: [Xen-devel] Regression in OVMF + RMRR series

Jul 25 17:48:51.685107 (d1) BIOS map:
Jul 25 17:48:51.685145 (d1)  ffe00000-ffffffff: Main BIOS
Jul 25 17:48:51.693030 (d1) *** HVMLoader bug at e820.c:262
Jul 25 17:48:51.693064 (d1) *** HVMLoader crashed.

Git blame shows that the change that crashes hvmloader was part of the
RMRR series.

Tiejun, could you please fix this please?  It should be easy to reproduce.

This is really my responsibility and I just sent out one patch to fix this,

tools/hvmloader: sync memory map[]

Please take a review.


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