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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC for-4.7] Switching to a single qemu tree each per qemu-xen and qemu-trad

On Thu, 2015-07-30 at 15:33 +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Ian Campbell writes ("[RFC for-4.7] Switching to a single qemu tree each 
> per qemu-xen and qemu-trad"):
> ...
> > qemu-xen-traditional:
> ...
> >     XXX why do staging/* exist, and what pushes from staging to the 
> > other?
> >     Should we ditch one or the other?
> Once upon a time, some of these had their own push gate.  They are
> nowadays always pushed together.  The staging branches should be
> abolished.

Thanks, I suspect as much.

> > The main open question is what to do about the existing split repos for
> > existing stable branches. We could:
> > 
> >       * Teach osstest (ap-push) to push to the old tree as well as the 
> > new
> >         for existing (<= 4.6) branches only.
> >       * Push a Config.mk update to every stable branch and retire the
> >         existing trees on the next relevant point release, if there is 
> > one.
> We could do both of these, so we have a transitional period.

That could work, yes.

e.g. perhaps do the dual push until the corresponding point release

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